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Financial Management

Creating a strong Finance Team can be a challenge when you are on a budget. You cannot simply throw money at the problem by acquiring the best business management software or a highly experienced CFO. Our job is to transform the team that you can afford into the one that you need.

Building Finance teams is our flagship service at Fqureshi Consulting. We will work with you to create a team that will ensure:
  • You never pay a fine for not getting your taxes right.

  • You manage cash flow to ensure smooth business operations.

  • You receive timely and accurate financial reports enabling you to make business decisions quickly.

  • An internal control framework is in place to manage resources.


Spreadsheets continue to be the most widely used workplace applications across organisation structures. With over 328 functions, Microsoft Excel offers expansive opportunities for automating tasks.

Most end users however only apply around 10 to 15 of these available functions when executing spreadsheet tasks. Having equipment and technology that enables speed is insufficient if the operators of this technology, your workforce, do not utilise all its functions.

Our practical Excelerator course has only one objective - enhance the speed of your workforce when working on Excel, so that they can produce results faster for your organisation. We achieve this objective by focusing on the two key elements responsible for how fast they can work:
  • Keyboard skills.
  • Knowledge of the Excel functionality at their disposal, which can allow them to automate spreadsheet tasks as often as possible.

Master Planning

We often observe entrepreneurs embark on growth plans without a complete picture of what they are getting into. You might have a clear vision of what you intend to achieve, but possess little measure of the magnitude of resources you need and when you need them.

Our approach to master planning involves a three step assessment to determine if your growth plan is really worth pursuing:

  • We clearly quantify your goal in numbers.

  • We help you value the resources you need along the way and when you need them.

  • We measure the financial outcome against the resources needed and determine if the rate of return aligns with your definition of success.

We also help you establish the impact of risks by modelling scenarios that determine the effect of each potential risk on your outcome.

The end product is that you not only end up with a clear picture of where you want to go, but of what you need to do to get there.

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