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Farhan Qureshi is a Financial Management Specialist who has helped create and actively mentors finance teams for organisations with revenues in excess of 10 million dollars per annum.

He has worked in Finance since 2006, including 5 years spent on audit engagements for entities operating in Banking, Horticulture, Real Estate and Manufacturing. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He holds a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (1st Class Honours).

Farhan is also an endurance sports addict and competes regularly in triathlons and mountain biking races. In 2014, he completed both the Laikipia XC and Rift Valley Odyssey, the toughest mountain biking multi-stage races in East Africa. He is currently working with Enzo Graziano, the international sales coach, to mentor two young entrepreneurs every year.



Every detail is fundamental to your success. That is why we say 'Crossing the T's', because we are thorough in everything we do.


 At FQ Consulting, the client is king.


We do your shopping if it helps your business


We have the bad habit of taking sides.Yours!

Farhan's Pledge

Farhan’s motto is ‘Crossing the T’s’. At FQ Consulting, we believe that great work comes by taking care of the details, while keeping an eye on the big picture. In our line of work, nothing is too small. The success of any true leading company is built on the tiny daily accomplishments achieved through relentless dedication to the details.

We built your success, brick by brick, receipt by receipt and invoice by invoice and get your Finance right from Day 1. And we don’t get it right just at the beginning, we serve you every single day, like we did on the first day. This is the reason why we only serve a limited number of entrepreneurs. At FQ Consulting, we are on a mission. Helping you achieve your mission.

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