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Creating a strong finance team can be a challenge when you are on a budget. You cannot simply throw money at the problem by acquiring the best business management software or a highly experienced chief financial officer (CFO).

Our job is to transform the team that you can afford into the one that you need. This is our flagship service. We train your team and put in place an internal control framework able to both monitor and manage your resources.

After building you team you will never pay a fine for not getting your taxes right. You will manage your cash flow smoothly and receive accurate financial reports that help you make the right business decisions quickly.

"We build your team to get your taxes right”


Spreadsheets continue to be the most widely used workplace applications across organisational structures. With over 300 functions, Microsoft Excel offers expansive opportunities for automating tasks.

Most end users however only apply around 10 to 15 of these available functions when executing spreadsheet tasks. This is why our customers look for ways to enhance their team's performance through Excel.

Farhan designed an Excel course, Excelerator, specifically to improve the productivity of your staff. He does so by teaching your team key Excel functions and keyboard skills through numerous instructor-led exercises.

“It's arguably the best Excel course in Africa”


We often observe entrepreneurs embark on growth plans without a complete picture of what they are getting into. They often lack the financial assessment to determine if their business plan is really worth pursuing.

Having the right vision is not enough. You need to assess in advance the magnitude of resources needed to achieve that vision. This is why companies often hire Farhan to create a master plan for their project.

We have a very simple approach. We first quantify your goal in numbers and then we create modeling scenarios for the resources you have to invest. If you require, we can also help you find an investor for your project.

“We build modeling tools for your project”

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